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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Political Correctness Is Killing Any Meaningful Dialogue

For those of you who still have your gall bladders, you might want to stop reading now.

All you have to do is disagree with a liberal, you know, those tolerant people, and they waste no time in making it personal, trying to label you as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe or the ever-popular islamaphobe. Political correctness is the technique that liberals use when you hand them their ass in a fair debate, because they usually have no leg to stand on. Instead of admitting defeat they just pull out their trump card and insult you, and to them this is a victory.

What this type of debating has done is drive a wedge between left and right leaning people. We used to lean left or right, but it seems more and more that most people are hard on one side or the other. We have been didived by political correctness. It was designed that way.

Remember the old regular "Saturday Night Live" bit when Dan Akroid would debate with Jane Curtain? Curtain would lay down the facts, and then Akroid would begin with "Jane, you ignorant...." and you can figure out the rest. Akroid would end his reply with another round of insults, much to the adoring audience's delight. As much as that was meant to be comedy forty years ago, it was really a preview (perhaps inadvertently) of how the political landscape would look today. To me, being called any of the popular politically correct buzz slurs is far worse than what Dan would call Jane every week, and as much as people were shocked by the language then, today they think nothing of calling people a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, or the ever-popular islamaphobe.

Political correctness has divided liberal and conservative people to the point that all useful dialogue in this country has disappeared. Now any political argument is the conservative side stating undeniable facts, and the liberal side shouting them down with personal insults, as if the individual's person was the subject of the debate to begin with. Basically liberals are not interested in a fair debate and they have no tolerence for anyone else's opinion. Since they usually can't defend their position (that they formulated emotionally), they answer with an emotion and personal response, which is usually irrational. Once you are defeaed and can't admit defeat, what else can you do?

The fact that we have allowed this style of debate to go unchallenged is in part why the country is in the bleak shape we are facing now.

About "Tolerance"

"Tolerance" is an overused and much abused concept too. To me, tolerance means not caring about people's ethnicity, who they sleep with, or what their faith is. Really, who gives a shit? It doesn't affect me so I could care less than zero, until it does. Then it's a slightly different story.

As bad as we are told "intolerance" is, it seems the same people who tell us how intolerant we are think it's ok for them to practise it. Selective intolerance is politically ok, depending on who you are and whom you want to hate. Like I say, it was probably the richness of all this politically correct hypocrisy that made my gall bladder explode.

I can give you some examples of whom it is politically ok to hate, starting with Christians, with double hate bonus points reserved for Mormons. The politically correct crowd also seems to want "tolerance" from Israel while arabs fire rockets at Israeli shcools and hospitals every day, and when Israel retaliates out of self defense they suddenly become bad people, and if you don't go along with that, well, you're just a damm dirty Islamaphopbe.

Home in America, you can't pray in school, you can't pray on government property. You can't even pray together with as a team on the field after a high school football game, or someone gets so offended that they lose their minds over it and start calling for the coaches to be fired.

Do you remember the ruthless and vile criticism Tim Tebow got for praying after NFL games? All the guy wanted to do was pray with his fellow believers and they didn't force anyone to join him, but he actually got hate mail and death threats over that. I mean, who was he really hurting? Maybe it was worse than hurting and killing people. Maybe Tebow was truly evil because he offended someone.

The PC zombies want to take God out of The National Anthem and off the money, and if they could, out of the Constitution, not that they have any reverence for it anyway.

The PC zombies want to take God out of The Pledge of Allegiance, which is another offensive thing. You know, pledging allegiance to the country you live in and all. How horrible. To the PC zombies, that's offensive.

Did you ever dream you would see the day Christians and Americans would be under so much assault in their own country while all other religions and nationalities are off limits?

How are your gall bladders holding up?

I just want a fair fight, which means everything is open to criticism, or nothing is. Take your pick. To the PC zombies they can critisize everything you hold dear and burn it to the ground, but if you critisize them, you are a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe or the ever-popular islamaphobe.

When you debate with people who have no position of substance, all they have to fall back on is their own intolerance, and of course the labels of racist, sexist, homophobic bigot and the ever popular islamaphobe. When someone calls you one of those names, you win because they have no answer and they have nothing of substance to counter what you are saying. Man, this is first day debating 101 stuff.

Gall bladders holding up?

About Being "Offended"
I read that Starbucks removed all mention of Christmas on their cups because some people (idiots, I suppose) might get offended. Really?

I'm offended that Christmas would offend anyone. I'm supposed to tolerate and respect every other region, but my religion, the values of which this country were founded on, is offensive? We are supposed to tolerate virtually everything that goes against Christianity, and then Christianity itself is not tolerated?

Next year I am going to greet people with "Merry Christmas. Deal with it."

Personally I don't care what people do with their own lives as long as they don't tell me how to run mine, and that's pretty much why the pilgrims came here to begin with, to escape religious persecution. It may have taken about 600 years, but it finally followed them here.

You can only shake your head in disbelief at the hypocrisy of those who want to force "tolerance" on us while practicing none of it themselves.

It's enough to make your gall bladder explode.

Somewhere along the line it became a heinous crime to offend anyone, and then the self-humiliating apology became compulsory. See, if you offend certain people, or certain groups of people, the politically correct not only want to silence you, but then they require you to grovel for forgiveness. After that they want you fired from your job and unable to find another.

Basically, just because you disagreed with someone, they use political correctness not to engage you in fair debate, not to win an argument, and not even to silence you. Political correctness is designed to destroy people.

Political correctness is meant to intimidate people into silence. It's not quite the same thing as the gestapo coming to your neighbor's door at 3 AM and making him disappear forever, but it's also not that much different either. The intent is to instill fear that you will be the next to suffer should you speak against them.

People who throw out politically correct labels for those who don't toe the politically correct line usually have no argument to stand on, so instead of sticking to the subject, they turn it around and make it personal, and attack you instead of what you are saying. They have no interest in debate because they having nothing to stand on. And since you so easily handed them their ass in the fair part of the debate, they want you destroyed so you can never challenge them again.

That's where all this "I'm offended" has come from. If you can't win a fair debate, pretend to be offended for whatever politically correct reason that most closely applies to the argument, and you win every time simply because we tolerate it.

Any time someone tells me I have "offended" them when I really have not done anything offensive, I ask them if they want a real reason to be offended. It's those times I am grateful that I have an especially long middle finger.

While I have no use for the absolutely useless Republican party, I also despise the way the left debates and treats their opposition like they are retarded little children. Basically the republicans have been castrated by political correctness and are now haplessly incapable, simply because they are terrified of the left destroying them with political correctness.

This is what is sweeping our country and if you don't stand up an call it out for the bullshit that it is, you can expect the spiral to tighten as we swirl faster and faster down the bowl until it becomes so bad we start killing each other in the streets. You aren't allowed to offend anyone in the middle east, and look how that's going for them.

While I am ranting, I am sick of the obligatory self-humiliating "apology." It has become almost commonplace for people to be forced to say "I apologize" for something as little as making you wait an extra 30 seconds in the drive-thru. How humiliating is that to be making minimum wage and then have to apologize to people for stupid, inconsequential things that aren't even in your control? I always tell people "Please don't apologize to me." It doesn't make me feel any better and it belittles the other person for no reason. What other reason could there be for demanding an apology? It never fixes anything. The entire reason for demanding an apology is to make the other person humiliate themselves. It has gone on for so long in the political arena that it's crept into our daily lives and you can't even go to Walmart and buy underwear without an employee apologizing for something they have not even done.

But that's the thing. The formula for political correctness is to silence the person by humiliating them, then make them humiliate themselves with an apology. The next step in the political arena is to use it as an admission of defeat, and then destroy them by taking away their livelihood.

Political correctness has become so successful that it has crept into our every day lives and affects the way we interact. I would say we have to stop it now except I think it is too late. I think we have let it go for so long that it's become a mindset, which I find to be truly offensive.

Now, you'de better go take some Tums or your gall bladder could explode.

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