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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Extreme Flight EXP Wallpapers

I usually save all the original artwork that you see in our videos, and headlining all our articles. Generally every video leads off with a piece of artwork bearing Thunder Power signage. The artwork features an EXP flying out of a supernova, or a sunset, or even out of a volcano. They are just fun little things I've done in photoshop.

These are 1920 X 1080 or 3000 X 1688 in size, so if you have a widescreen monitor they are perfect for desktop wallpapers. I am not sure how long I am keeping Mystery Aviation open, so grab them while you can.

Click to enlarge, then right click and choose "save as." Enjoy.
Extreme Flight Extra EXP 48" (Red)

Extreme Flight Extra EXP 48" (Blue) 




Extreme Flight 60"Extra EXP


Extreme Flight Laser EXP






Yellow and Blue 60" Yak EXP



Extreme Flight Edge EXP